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Our Oct 1999 trip to the USA
Our Apr 2001 trip to the Middle East
Our Feb 2002 trip to Japan
Our Oct 2002 trip to the USA
Our Jun 2004 trip to Europe
Our May 2005 trip to Japan
Bean's Tumour Diary
Our Oct 2005 trip to Japan
Our June 2006 trip to Canada
Our October 2007 trip to China
Our October 2008 trip to Japan
Our August 2009 trip to Canada
Our November 2010 trip to New Orleans
Our April 2011 trip to Cambodia and Vietnam
Our February 2012 trip to Japan
Our September 2013 trip to Iceland
Our August 2014 trip to Scotland
Our August 2015 trip to Canada, Chicago and Alaska
Our March 2016 trip to Japan
Medge's November 2016 trip to Japan


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